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Getting a free iTunes Gift card is easy, and I can show you how to get one without using hacks, generators, or other illegal methods. Anyone with an iPod, iPhone or a big fan of music should get one. You can do so by joining Points2Shop, a website that has helped a lot of people earn lots of free stuff. In fact, they've given away over $4 million worth of free prizes! All these satisfied customers are proof enough that the free iTunes cards are legitimate.

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Free iTunes cards and codes

1. Sign Up

The first step in getting your free iTunes card is to sign up here and become a member at Points2Shop. Just fill out the information requested, and an email will be sent to you to confirm registration.

Always use your real information when using the site. That is important, because you do not want your points and free stuff to be declined. Your info won't be given away to third parties.

After you've signed up, remember to confirm your email. US members also get 250 bonus points for joining the site!

2. Earn points and cash

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Once you log in to your account, you can start earning points that go towards getting your free products. Search for Reward TV, it's one of the easiest free offers to start with.

Using different email accounts to sign up and clearing your cookies periodically is the best way to guarantee points from offers. I usually repeat this process once a week, but feel free to go at your own pace.

There's many ways to get your points, from daily surveys, referring other people, and more. For most people it should take you less than a week to order your iTunes card. Just keep using it every day! The community is also friendly and most will be happy to answer any questions you have about the site.

iTunes gift cards

3. Get your free iTunes card

To do this, just confirm your delivery address, and then when you have enough points, you'll be able order your free iTunes gift card. Just click on "Spend Points" in the top menu and go to the Gift Cards category to choose your gift card. Congrats, you're now one of the many satisfied customers to receive a free product!

That's it, enjoy your free stuff!!